Do Vegans Eat Eggs – A Real Quandary For Some

Do Vegans Eat Eggs – A Real Quandary For Some

One of the many questions people ask when they begin to consider starting a vegan lifestyle is, ” Do vegans eat eggs ?”.
Today, more and more people are trending toward starting a vegan lifestyle.

In the beginning of this change, many new comers become frustrated and develop rather negative feelings over trying to figure out what they can and cannot have, as well as the lifestyle they will, more than likely, have to give up.

One of the most important steps when starting out, is understanding why vegans don’t eat eggs or any other animal derived products. Once they begin to understand, then they’re left trying to figure out what to replace their everyday ingredients with, such as eggs!

When you’re first starting out, it can be difficult; even frustrating, having to make the changes you need for your body to heal, but with a positive attitude and a plan in place, it will become your new reality, and it will become very rewarding.


“What’s it going to be – vegan, vEGGan, or vegetarian?”


Some people need to gradually move toward change, while others canAsparagus Egg Side Dish just dive right in.

The difference between being vegan, veggan, and vegetarian is the based on whether or not they use animal products in their daily lifestyle.

A person who chooses to become vegan, understands that he or she has decided to accept only eating a plant based diet, and that they will no longer consume anything that is animal derived (eggs, dairy, or meat).

Unlike the vegetarian, the veggan partakes in this same understanding as vegans to maintain a plant based diet. However, veggans do believe it is ok to incorporate eggs into their diet for the additional protein.

A vegetarian lifestyle is much easier to transition to. They consume not only a plant based diet, but eggs and dairy products as well! The vegetarian diet would be a great place to start for those who need to take baby steps toward a colorful, healthy, plant based lifestyle that bursts with flavor.

Baby steps are a popular way to get yourself going in the right direction.Baby Steps Grass Green Footprints

  1. Focus on working toward the vegetarian diet. Eggs and dairy – No Meat!
  2. Slowly get to where you replace everything except eggs. This would be vEGGan.
  3. Finally, begin to substitute eggs with foods like applesauce and peanut butter.

No matter which path you choose to start your journey to a new healthy plant based lifestyle, you will be moving in the right direction, for all the right reasons!


“Don’t sweat the eggs!”

Vegetarian Egg Protien

Eggs are an ingredient that is very easy to substitute, and there are many options to choose from.

As a matter of fact, I am certain that most anyone can find an egg substitute right in their very own pantry cabinet – starting with applesauce. Applesauce is widely used as an egg substitute for vegans, but it is certainly not the only option!

Other egg replacer ingredients include peanut butter, mashed bananas, and ground flax. Most have additional benefits, other than just being an egg replacement. Take chia seeds for instance. Chia seeds are another great egg replacer, and are also listed as a great vegan protein!

I think the biggest problem with replacing ingredients, is not only trying to find something the palate can agree with, but knowing what is available to do the job. Knowing these key things will help relieve the stress of an overwhelming beginning.

Now we have a clear understanding on the differences between vegan, veggan, and vegetarian diets.  As for the question, “ Do vegans eat eggs ?”, we can say, with confidence that a true, disciplined vegan does not eat eggs! A devoted vegan will search for, and use many other plant based sources of protein and will not give in to the trendy vEGGan who supports the idea that consuming eggs for protein is acceptable.

Make your choice to start that journey and give your body the break it deserves!
Always remember you can take those baby steps!

Please share with family and friends so they to can be informed. :o)

If this post has helped you in anyway, feel free to leave a comment sharing what you found most helpful. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this article.

Thanks so much! – Paula

10 thoughts on “Do Vegans Eat Eggs – A Real Quandary For Some”

  • I’ve been a vegetarian for many years now, one of the things that has stopped me going completely vegan is eggs. Sure, sometimes I feel bad about the chickens but I figure eating fresh, free range eggs is better than not caring. Interesting that you mention chia seeds, are they a complete protein?

    • Hi Shirley and thanks for taking the time to comment! Being vegetarian definitely has it’s benefits and eggs are one of them! Although I’m not vegan either, I do try to keep taking steps toward that goal – “Baby Steps”. :o) You are absolutely right about giving up the eggs. However, there have been some articles that have nudged me to reflect on what is going on in the industry and how the animals are truly being treated and processed. Chia Seeds contain high quality protein. Although there is conflicting information, a prominent resource published a study stating they extracted protein from chia seed flour and found that is actually had a good balance of the essentials. However, another prominent source found there were deficiencies for pre-school aged children. Other information that I’ve read online states that chia seeds are about 19-20% protein. I hope this answer your question. Thank you again.

  • Hi Paula,

    I have often wondered why folks go vegan not understanding what thrry are getting themselves into. I never really considered they were jumping into it for health reasons and not necessarily doing much research beforehand. I love you babysteps to vaganism though. It breaks things down perfectly and understandably for newcomers.

    Personally, I was a pescatarian for several years. I think I could have eventually given up seafood, but I doubt I could have ever become vegan. I am fine with living without eggs. It’s dairy I struggle with. Any tips?

    • Hi Jaemio and thanks so much for stopping in! So glad you found this article on the helpful side. The baby steps are the best way to go for most, including myself. I think I’ve seen that the biggest issue for most is trying to find replacements for things they eat regularly, like dairy products. There are many options for replacing dairy. Mainly milk! I will tell you, I have “picky” teenagers who have no clue that I’m weaning them, haha. I started buying unsweetened almond milk and they love it, because it is so close to the 1%-2% regular milk that they normally use. For the most part, it’s like a lot of other things – psychological. Hope this helps you! Thanks so much for leaving your comment. I greatly appreciate it, and I enjoyed your thoughts very much. Hope to see you soon! -Paula

  • Hi, Paula!
    I am vegetarian, and I am planning to become vegan. 🙂 I don’t eat eggs, sometimes I eat dairy products (butter, cheese).
    Why do you want to become vegan? I have many reasons to be vegetarian. I love animals too much to eat them. Very important for me is health and environment.
    It is great that you are taking baby steps. It looks like me too. Maybe even too slowly… 🙂
    Thank you for this great and interesting article!

    • Hi Linda and thank you so much for coming to my site and sharing your thoughts. I think it’s awesome that you are vegetarian. For me, a couple of health issues came about. I had heard a lot of talk about how food is medicine and instantly became interested. There have been so many movements happening. I often sit and wonder about biblical times and what they ate before the consumption of animals. Now that I’m older, it kind of grosses me out to think about eating anything of the sort! Sometimes I even get that way with eggs, so I don’t eat a lot those either. As you may have read in the comments, my biggie is cheese :o). I do enjoy butter as well, but…cheese is it. Now – milk, butter and eggs can easily be replaced. Cheese on the other hand…well, let’s just say I have yet to find something that is palatable for my own taste. It’s just going to take time. So, do you feel healthy being vegetarian? I think I do when I stick with it. I can tell a difference when I take in a little too much dairy. I actually feel better the less I eat as well. Let me know how it works for you. Thanks again and I hope to see you again soon! :o) – Paula

  • Hello and thanks for sharing, I have been hearing so much about the vegan lifestyle lately and it seems to be a very healthy lifestyle. Many people are turning to this lifestyle because of the many benefits that it brings. Your post is very informative and helpful. Your readers and also other vegans will find your post most helpful.

    • Thanks so much Norma for stopping by and sharing your comments. I am happy to know this article has been helpful and inspiring to you. The road to veganism is beneficial in many ways. I will be sharing a lot about the journey and new things that I learn! SO, when you get the chance – find your way back for more tips and benefits to a more healthy lifestyle. :o) – Paula

    • Hello Rose! Thank you so much for coming by and leaving me a comment. I am happy you found this site to be helpful! Honestly, lots of folks don’t realize the difference between being vegan or vegetarian! Eggs are probably the biggest and hardest difference to overcome for many people starting their journey to becoming vegan! Again, I want to say thank you, and I hope to see you again soon here at the garden! – Paula

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