EUG Projector Review – For Small Backyard Party Ideas!

EUG Projector Review – For Small Backyard Party Ideas!



Product: EUG Projector Review

Retail Price: $479.00

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Brightness: 3600 Lumens

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10


The EUG 3600 Projector, Product Overview

Vegan or not, since summer fun has just begun, it’s time to get that backyard party started!

My family and I have become our true backyardigan selves!  As always we spend a lot of our time outside enjoying our backyard. From mowing the grass and edging the lawn to sitting around the fire pit roasting marshmallows and watching movies under the stars using our projector, laptop and our inflatable 12ft movie screen.

It’s so much fun and it’s been a huge hit with the kids – right in our own backyard!

This EUG 3600 projector has just about all a family wants and needs for their outdoor movie theater, when connected to your computer, laptop, phone, DVD, Xbox or other gaming devices.


This little guy is super “user friendly” and FUN to own!

Straight from the box; out to your lawn or into your living space, you can stream pretty much any content using a USB flash drive without PC, a USB device (supports up to 32G) or an external hard drive (supports up to 1TB). Plug it in, hook it to your laptop, and start watching!


EUG 3600 Projector Front View


One of the biggest things that I like about it; is the fact that it is moderately priced – making it affordable for your small backyard party ideas. And with summer already here; if you’re thoughts are for using it outdoors, this would be it.

With Father’s Day just ahead, it would make a great gift idea for any dad! It would also make any holiday celebration, or neighborhood festival a hit and would for sure be the talk of the town.

This projector has an adjustable lumens to reduce the brightness just as any TV would have. It has a zoom in feature, along with RCA jacks to add external speakers in the event that you feel you need more sound – and most do :o).  This new addition also projects up to a whoppin’ 16 ft!!! Now that’s HUGE!

If you’re not an outdoorsy kind of person and if you’re like me, you may use an alternative to watching your favorite shows. If so, this bad boy makes a great addition to your living space! It is Wi-Fi capable via Chromecast, Miracast, and Fire Stick, just to name a few, and it can be mounted to your ceiling for a more permanent use. Don’t worry, the LED lamp works up to 50,000 hours, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of climbing up there to replace the bulb :o).


For the great “Geeky” guys who understand technical stuff!

Even though most of us don’t understand half the stuff about things we buy, such as items of technology, we still enjoy them! And, the manufacturer knows to always throw in a “quick set-up guide” for those of us who fall short knowing our stuff, in this department :o).

So, even though…I want to share the somewhat boring details in image form.


Puzzled People Question Mark 3EUG 3600 Review Details











This EUG 3600 Lumens Wi-Fi Projector comes with all the cords too! It even comes with an extra fuse and a remote! No running back to the store to hook this baby up! I have to tell you, I’m super notorious for that :o).


Summering up the fun

Some of the biggest reasons I like this projector, is that the price is affordable compared to many other brands and models that don’t even have the features of this one.

I like the fact that it can be used indoors as a home theater, or as a fun outdoor drive-in kind of movie night with the fam, and it comes with everything you need to hook to your laptop, phone, gaming system, or desk top computer. It’s easy to operate, with no fuss instructions, and you can add external speakers without worrying about having a receiver.

Last but not least, you can mount it to the ceiling if your looking for that indoor living space addition.

My family and I have truly enjoyed our outdoor movie nights, under the stars using our movie projector. We have always made it a huge deal, when getting it out. Having the kids get their sleeping bags out , and putting up the huge inflatable screen. Getting lots of popcorn and theater box candies, and sticks for marshmallows for them to make smores – so much fun and lots of memories we will always have to share.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade, add, or even give it as a gift, this projector would be a great option. Your family will have many fun nights under the stars just as mine do. :o)

Share Thoughts Comments QuestionsI hope you find this information useful while making your decision to own this wonderful projector. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave your comment below and I will do my very best to help you out. Thanks so much.

– Paula

8 thoughts on “EUG Projector Review – For Small Backyard Party Ideas!”

    • Thank you Jillian for visiting the garden today! Yes, having the projector has been a complete joy for my family. Especially during summer months when we can take it outside at night and get our fire pit going. Very relaxing and lots of fun to hang out under the stars watching movies online on our big 12 ft screen. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. It seems like this one always sells out quick online. Anyway, thanks again for your comment and I hope to see you here at the garden again soon :o). – Paula

  • What a novel idea to have a film projector in a garden party. It would certainly liven up the good old BBQ. the EUG 3600 looks like a great piece of equipment . It has a lot of function and specifications but that would not deter the party fun.

    • Hi Andrew! I’m so glad you came to the garden today and commented on the review! The EUG 3600 projector makes an absolute good time out of any kind of party whether its indoors or out! Not sure if I mentioned, but I really like that you can hook external speakers right up to it, not having that extra piece of equipment. As I did say though, we really enjoy ours at my home. When we get our inflatable 12 ft screen out, all the neighborhood kids come and join in with my grandbabies and they all lay out of the lawn watching the movie. We are not in a secluded place, so we have to mind what we watch when we are outdoors :o). Anyway, Thank you for stopping by the garden today! I do hope to see you again soon. – Paula

  • Hi, Paula! Great informative review! I would love to buy it soon, and it looks great. What a wonderful idea to watch a movie or concert outside!
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Linda and thank you for sharing a comment! We do enjoy ours at my house. We only use it for outside, because we don’t get a lot of time just to sit down and watch tv. We reserve that time for weekend activities outdoors. Usually when new movie comes out that we all want to see, we will invite others over, get our small backyard party ideas rolling, and just have blast. Talking about feeling a sense of a no stress happiness!!! Mostly, I just sit and smile, watching everyone enjoying themselves. I’d imagine with Father’s Day and the 4th of July celebration coming up, people won’t want to miss having this machine around. Loads of enjoyment. Anyway, I’m sure glad you stopped by the garden today Linda! Until next time… :o). – Paula

  • I like the thought of watching movies on a projector outdoors. That sounds really fun, particularly in summer as you mention. Now I’m thinking about location of a screen. Do you know if you can use a board or a sheet to project on as I’m thinking the screen may be an additional expense?

    • Hi Claudette and thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas on the EUG projector review! YES! Absolutely!!! I have friends that have used a sheet pinned to their clothesline! You can even make a frame out of 2×4’s (making sure they are treated lumber of course), then place hooks for hanging the sheet or shower curtain! Shower curtains work great because they have grommets already in place. However, if you’re a DIY’er you might have a grommet tool already to add them to a heavy sheet. When we first got out projector, we shot it off the neighbors house, hahaha. They didn’t mind though because they were watching the movie too. Later, we were fortunate to purchase the inflatable, 12 ft screen which is awesome! Also, if you wait on the screen a little bit, they tend to get a bit cheaper about mid summer. :o) Anyway, I appreciate you stopping by the garden. Come on back anytime, as I am always posting with readers in mind! :o) – Paula

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