How To Do A Coffee Enema From Home – Your Space, Your Pace!

How To Do A Coffee Enema From Home – Your Space, Your Pace!

Coffee enemas serve many purposes – from being used as part of a weight loss plan, to a coffee enema liver flush, and even as a cancer treatment!

People are desperately trying to build their knowledge-base in alternative health care, hoping for a more natural way to detox and heal their bodies. Regardless of what your purpose is, what’s a better way than having the comfort of your own home and deciding on your own terms WHEN you will be ready to take this step?

Here, I will explain how to do a coffee enema from home and offer some of the important benefits. I will explain how to make it, what supplies you will need, and I will provide step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish this simple procedure in the comfort of your very own home, when YOU choose the time is right.

So, let’s get started!


Coffee Enema Digestive Trac Gut Health1. Why consider a coffee enema?

You must be considering doing a coffee enema, or at least tossing it around in that brilliant mind of yours!

First you should know that coffee enemas have been around for many, many years. They are widely used as a detoxification process that eliminates bacteria and heavy metals, as well as fungus and yeast, from the bodies digestive tract, liver, and colon. Yes, can you believe it; it does all of this and MORE?

The coffee enema, when completed properly, lowers inflammation and is helpful in restoring the bowel function, increasing one’s energy level and healing different illnesses or disorders such as depression, anxiety, and cancer.

However, if you are a person with a serious illness, such as cancer, I highly recommend checking with your doctor to see if he/she feels this is appropriate for you, or you can seek The Gerson Institute‘s education team for guidance and therapy locations. To my knowledge, they are the most notable institute that specializes in “alternative” cancer treatment.

Other useful benefits include better focus, skin health, cramping and bloating due to menstrual cycle, hormone regulation, and chronic pain.

Sound like any of your problems? Doing a coffee enema is a simple process, and making your own at home is easy.


2. Supplies you will need


Not many supplies are needed to do a coffee enema.Dark Roast Coffee Bean Enema

  • Enema Kit with Tube and Nozzle (Bucket or bag is fine)
  • Certified Organic Coffee Beans (NOT decaf)
  • Clean Purified or Distilled Water
  • Small Cook Pot (Some people use a coffee maker)
  • Olive or Coconut Oil
  • Clock


Things to remember and think about:

When purchasing an enema kit, it doesn’t really matter what type you get as long as it has a nozzle and a tube and can hang at least 3.25 ft above the floor.

Organic coffee beans are recommended, but you can use grounds as well.

Choosing your water is very important, as most experts recommend filtered. Tap water contains traces of chemicals and minerals and should not be used.

A small pot for the stove is always the best option for a coffee enema. Some have been known to use a coffeemaker, but is not recommended for best results.


3. How to make a coffee enema, and it’s easy!Measured Ingredients Coffee Beans


Although you can use about any kind of coffee bean, it is highly recommended to use a higher quality, organic blend that is free from chemicals along with clean, purified or distilled water.



Preparing the coffee:

3 tablespoons high quality, organic, coffee beans – No Decaf!

3 cups clean, purified or distilled water


  1. In a small pot, add the coffee beans and water together.
  2. Bring to a boil and let simmer for 15 minutes.
  3. Allow the coffee to cool just a little warmer than body temperature.
  4. Strain coffee beans; leaving liquid free of particles


It’s best to do a coffee enema immediately after having a bowel movement. It will make it more comfortable, effective and easier to retain for the full recommended 12-15 minutes. However, a coffee enema will clear out constipation as well.

Another recommendation is practicing the use of an enema about once weekly, or once a day if you’re healing from a digestive disorder. In some, more critical, situations a coffee enema can be performed several times each day.


4. How to do a coffee enema from home

Choose a comfortable place where you can lay down for approximately 12-15 minutes. You can choose your bathroom floor; or if you feel you can get to the toilet, you can lay on your bed and place a towel or waterproof pad underneath you. Either way, you will need a place where you can hang your enema bucket or bag.


Gerson Institute on Enema Kit Set-Up


Hang your enema bucket or bag from a towel rack, shower rod, or door knob so that it is at least 3.25 feet from the floor and, of course, over you so that the gravity will push the coffee down, quicker, into the digestive trac.

Pour the strained coffee into the enema bucket or bag. Make sure the lever on the tube and nozzle is shut, so that no liquid escapes.

Use olive or coconut oil to lubricate the tip of the nozzle; making it easier to insert into the rectum.

Starting on your left side, raise your knees to your stomach forming a fetal like position.

Insert the nozzle into the rectum, no more than 2 inches.

Using the lever on the nozzle, slowly release the liquid into the rectum until the bucket or bag is emptied. Take your time and kind of squeeze in to keep from losing any coffee liquid.

Lay for 3 1/2 – 5 minutes

Rotate to right side; lay for  an additional 3 1/2 – 5 minutes

Rotate back to left side; lay for the remaining 3 1/2 – 5 min

Once your time is up, you can get up and go to the toilet.


Congratulations, You Are done!


This is a very simple procedure, and easy to do. If you get nervous, just read through the directions a few times, take a few days if you need to. Remember, how to do a coffee enema from home is your space, your pace! You should be comfortable; content, and relaxed about making the choice.

I hope this helps you achieve one of your alternative health goals. Feel free to share this article with friends and family that you think is looking for “how to” instructions that they too can do from home.

Share Thoughts Comments QuestionsIf you would like to leave a comment giving testimony as to how coffee enemas have helped you or someone you know, I’d enjoy reading your story Thanks so much!

– Paula


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12 thoughts on “How To Do A Coffee Enema From Home – Your Space, Your Pace!”

  • Coffee enemas used to be in the physician’s desk reference for decades as an effective remedy for all sorts of conditions. With all the drugs that have been manufactured, there was no more room for things like coffee enemas. And it’s not because they are not effective, it’s just because there is no longer any ROOM in the book. Great information. As a health coach, I recommend people to do these and it makes a difference in their health! I wish more people would do them and find relief for their conditions. Thanks!

    • Thank you for stopping by! It is amazing how we’ve just gotten away from truly basic ideas! I agree that it is not because they are not effective. Quite the contrary. It is super exciting that people are realizing the gems, right in their own kitchen cabinets! Thank you for leaving your comment. I enjoyed your thoughts very much.

  • Hey Paula,
    I am glad I came across this article. I have been looking to become more healthy and this seems like something I should add to my regimen. I admit, it’s not something I would have specifically looked for, but it is an important aspect of keeping healthy. So, good for you and thanks for writing about it!

    Best Regards,

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts on the subject! I am happy that you somehow found this article, as well as finding it to be something you are considering trying. It’s good to have you as a reader. :o)

  • Well you definitely learn something new everyday! I know I just did! So what does the coffee actually do to the lining of your intestines to promote such benefits? At least now I’ve got a plan B whenever I get sick. If in doubt get the coffee Enema out!

    • Hi Kourtney! Thanks for your comment. So glad to see that you’ve learned something new! I LOVE learning. I am glad you asked your question! Basically, in a nut shell, the compounds in the coffee cause the colon muscles to contract which is what helps push the stool through the digestive trac. The compounds travel to the liver, creating more bile to flush out the toxins. I will be posting an article on that in the near future, so keep your eyes open for it! I sure hope my quick version helped you understand the basic idea. Thanks for stopping by and for commenting! Your thoughts, ideas, and questions are important to me :o)

  • Great post! Very informative and the instructions are very clear also. I do believe it is important to detox our bodies and enemas are a great way supplement and complete a clean up! Thanks You!

    • Hi Eril, and thank you so much for stopping in and sharing your thoughts! I have come to understand how important cleansing our bodies can be as well. It’s amazing how ancient remedies are resurfacing after being hidden for quite some time! So glad you found this helpful and clear. Hope to see you again soon! :o) – Paula

    • Hello Arief. Thanks so much for posting your concern! Safety is a very good question. Coffee enemas have been around for thousands of years, in fact – since the late 1800’s. Today, the coffee enema is leading the way to reduce gut health issues. According to health professionals, coffee enemas are a safe and feasible option for treating one’s digestive dysfunction. However, I believe that when in doubt, it’s always good to research on your own, as well as talk to your family doctor, which helps gain a better understanding and relieves any worry. As for the difference between drinking coffee or doing an enema, I’m not fully sure other than there is very little difference in caffeine levels between the two. Even though some people may experience an occasional toilet issue when drinking coffee, it works differently when doing an enema. With the enema, coffee passes through the digestive where it get the colon muscles going, and too is passed through the hemorrhoidal vein to the liver, where it flushes out the toxins from your body. So, I hope this shortened version helps answer your questions, as well as eliminates any fear you might have. Thanks again for stopping by and reading my post, and also for sharing your thoughts and concerns. Hope to see you here, at the garden again – soon! – Paula :o)

  • Thank you for this informative post. The instructions exactly what is needed for this procedure. About 10 years ago, I did a 22 day juice fast, followed a few months later by a 40 day juice fast. I was following guidelines from a blog post,and they called for a coffee enema before you start the fast, to help with the detox. You actually do get a bit of a caffeine buzz!
    It is a good idea to keep your colon cleaned out especially if you do not get enough fiber in your diet. I highly recommend coffee enemas as well as juice fasting periodically to give your digestive tract some rest. Great post Paula!

    • Thank you for coming to the garden today Irma, and sharing your thoughts on how to do a coffee enema from home! First I’d like to say that yes, juicing is not only delicious and nutritious, but a great way to cleanse as well. The coffee enema not only cleans the colon, but it travels through the hemorrhoidal vein to the liver; flushing out the toxins there as well. Natural alternatives are truly pretty amazing, especially when you learn to use them hand in hand with other home remedies – like juicing! :o) Thanks again Irma, for taking time out of your day to comment, as well as visit the site. Greatly appreciated! – Paula

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