Is a Juicer The Same As a Blender? The Answer – Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!?!

Is a Juicer The Same As a Blender? The Answer – Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!?!

Is a Juicer The Same As a Blender? The Answer – Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!?!

Lately, lots of people are getting into some really good health habits that are adding lots of pizazz to their diets! They’re eating the colors of the rainbow, going raw, juicing up a storm and blending whatever’s in reach, until their heart is content!

In the beginning it’s all fun and exciting, because it’s all new and everything is an experiment. But when things get serious, like deciding to take action and actually making a particular diet to be your way of life, it’s a whole other story, and you will need to know a few things! For instance, one of the big questions many people ask, “Is a juicer the same as a blender?”.

Well… ?

At first, when it comes to blending and juicing, many folks don’t know – or they just don’t realize, there is a big difference between juicing and blending, nor do they realize that a blender and juicer are completely different appliances that accomplish completely different tasks, as well as produce completely different products as an end result.

If you are someone who doesn’t understand the difference and would like to know more about why you may want to consider having them, then allow me a few minutes to help. You may even like having a recipe or two!

Sound good?!? :o)


So, what is the difference between a blender and a juicer?


Ninja Kitchen Nutri Ninja BlenderAs you now know, the blender and juicer both can provide some wonderfully delicious beverages, along with some other tasty treats too, such as salad dressings, purees, and more. Understanding the differences is actually quite easy, as you will learn while reading through this section.

SO! Let’s start with the blender, and find out exactly what it does that can make our mouths say “YES”! :o)

A blender is a kitchen appliance that, when you add your ingredients and turn it on, liquefies the foods without separating the meat (pulp) of the fruit or vegetable from the juice.

The blender is frequently used to create delicious smoothies. A smoothie is where you add your fresh fruits, and veggies to make either a frozen kind of smoothie, a creamy beverage, or even a salad dressing. The possibilities are quite endless really.

A juicer on the other hand, is designed to extract the juice; separating it from the pulp, so that you’re left with a highly nutritious juice beverage, as well as some awesome pulp that can be great for a couple of things!

There are many combinations of produce that you can use to create wonderful, healthy juices for you and your family. I will share these with you in just a bit, because next you’re going to want to know why you’d even want to consider having more appliances sitting around on your kitchen counter! So let’s move on!!




The “must have” kitchen appliances?


The benefits that each one can provide is very good and truthfully, you can’t go wrong with either one!

Juicing and blending can offer you a natural alternative and a delicious way to gain the much needed nutrients for a healthy lifestyle, but you need to remember – a blender is not a juicer and a juicer is not a blender!


Taking a look at juicing:Bella Housewares 5 Speed Juicing Station

Although juicing may not be any healthier than eating fresh produce, some say otherwise.

Some nutritionists believe that juicing fruits and vegetables helps our bodies absorb the nutrients much better, allowing our digestive system a break from processing all the fibers from the produce we consume.

You may realize that it’s quite difficult to eat enough produce to get everything our bodies need to function optimally. Let alone all the other things we need to take in as well, such as nuts, seeds, water, and so on.

Since our foods have lost a lot of their nutrients through damaged soils, among other things, we would have to eat more than our stomachs might allow. This is where juicing can come in handy!

It’s nothing to be able to take a huge mixing bowl, filled with fresh, clean vegetables and fruits to create a half gallon of juice! So, just think about that for a minute!

If you are able to squeeze all those vegetables and fruits into one container and drink it, that would be much easier than sitting there, eating one piece at a time until you finished the entire, huge bowl of produce!

Do you see what I am saying about juicing?

Juicing is amazingly healthy, and has been known to help fight and eliminate cancer, help strengthen your immune system, remove toxins from your body, assist in weight loss, and aid your digestive system.

Because we can consume so many more nutrients this way, it allows our bodies to heal and become strong!

So what kind of foods (produce) do you juice?

  1. Any leafy greens like spinach, kale, chard, and beet greens.
  2. Juicy fruits like apples, cucumbers, pineapple, celery, carrots – things that contain a lot of water.

* Don’t use fruits that are soft and mushy like bananas and avocadoes for juicing. Things like these you will use when blending your smoothies, dressings, and other desserts.



Raw Food Chef – Janet from An Oasis Of Healing



Taking a look at blending:

Blending for health if a bit different. You’re not actually extracting anything, but you are blending things together to create other foods and beverages, like smoothies that are great for your health too.

When you live a lifestyle that is all about health, you know you need to consume lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. In order to get all that you need, you will need to come up with ideas that allows you to put them into forms that you can handle. Like blending!

You can easily blend two bananas, a bunch of spinach with bits of other fruits, along with some cool coconut water, or almond milk, and have yourself a lovely dessert drink! It’s that simple!!

Sometimes, lifestyles just need a little creativity. It helps you stick to the “plan” when you’re enjoying what you eat.

So, you want to add something new to your menu?


Easy delicious smoothie recipes for your blender that you will enjoy!



Easy Delicious Smoothie Recipes Berry Powerful
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Easy Delicious Smoothie Recipe Strawberry Almond
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Adding these recipes to your diet is another great way to  take in more of the much needed fruits, as well as give your taste buds a burst of deliciously good flavor!







There is definitely a big difference between a juicer and a blender.

Juicing can be very medicinal and advantageous for your health.

Juicing means that you separate the juice from the fruit or vegetable (meat or pulp) to make a clean, fresh juice beverage. Even the ones you may not like!

To blend means to combine all ingredients in a blender, and blend together to help maintain a healthy diet.

Blending can be fun, nutritious, and delicious and is another great way to add the extra fruits and vegetables to your diet. Smoothies can be a creative way to slip in some of those veggies, like kale or spinach, that you or your kids may not want to eat otherwise!

There are many recipe ideas out there that can help us to succeed in keeping our diets clean, and full of nutrients! :o)

Thanks for reading, and I hope this information ahs helped you in a very big way!


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Thanks so much.

– Paula


28 thoughts on “Is a Juicer The Same As a Blender? The Answer – Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!?!”

  • Thank you so much for the awesome information. I was actually wondering which was the best way to go for diet and losing some weight. I think you just explained it all beautifully. As well as the pulp vs no pulp. I understand that part much clearer now. Great information and great site. Do you suggest a certain juicer over another? And does cost play a roll?

    • Thanks so much Merry! So glad you were able to get your questions answered from the article. As for choosing a certain juicer? There’s only one juicer that’s not worth having and that is one that doesn’t get used!!! It has been my own experience, that truly any juicer is good as long as you USE IT! Sure, there are some that may be more quiet than others, or have a few extra gadgets that take up more space. But honestly, all one needs is a simple inexpensive juicer to get the job done. I hope I’ve been able to answer your questions in this comment. Much luck with your juicing and keep me posted on how it goes for you! :o) – Paula

    • Hi Andrew! Thanks much for sharing your thoughts on “Is A Juicer The Same As A Blender” article! You are absolutely right about a kitchen being incomplete without a juicer. Definitely a wonderful appliance to have. So glad to see that you’re making plans to add one to your kitche!!! Good for you! :o) Paula

  • I have often wondered the difference between juicing and blending and now I know. I honestly thought they were the same until now.
    I think I will benifit more now with this information you have given me.Thanks

    • Thank you Matthew. I appreciate you stopping by and taking a minute to express the help this article has been for you. It’s quite amazing how we can make such wonderful recipes in these machines. Give one a try, let me know what you think :o) Paula

  • WOW, I love the idea of juicing but I never seem to be able to implement it into my life! I’ve purchased the juices from the grocery store and they are very expensive. I imagine that the blender / juicer would pay for itself after a few months if it were used regularly.

    • Hi Wenda! Thanks so much for commenting on this post! YES! These appliance pay for themselves quite quickly, because I KNOW when you do first get them, you are so excited and hungry for something new, that you begin to juice and blend everything in the house, hahaha. I’m quite experienced at that! I believe you will enjoy having these appliances. It truly is MUCH healthier than the store bought juices, etc and it’s tons cheaper. Let me know how it works out for you! I’m super excited for the news!! :o) Paula

  • Thank you for this useful information! I enjoyed this article. I am planning to buy a blender, and I know that smoothies will be good for my health. Now I understand the difference between a juicer and blender. You explained it very well.
    Do you have a juicer or a blender? Or both?
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Linda and thank you for sharing your thoughts on the difference between a juicer and a blender as well as for your questions. These appliances are both exciting to have, and they both offer great options. I do own both of these machines and truly enjoy using them. Now that my garden has become huge, I’m able to save even MORE money by juicing and blending all the greens I’ve grown, along with some berries from my bushes. It’s truly a blessing, and very exciting, to have some of your own produce to use. You can find these machines, fairly inexpensive. You don’t need a big fancy expensive one to get a good job done out of it. There is only one bad blender or juicer, and those are the ones that you buy, shove in a cabinet, and don’t use! :o) Paula

    • Thank you Todd! Your comment and thoughts are truly appreciated! Juicing is a great way to get lots of stuff that you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise! And, it’s really quite fun to juice. Thank you for bookmarking my site. Come back frequent for more good stuff. :o) Paula

    • Thank you Anthony! Your comment is much appreciated!!! You’re very welcome for the article, “Is a Juicer The Same As a Blender? The Answer – Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!?!”. Keep check, more great articles are coming. :o) Paula

  • I have enjoyed blending and juicing in the past. I like the cleanness of juicing when you drink it, but miss the fibers I got from blending. Also, I can be more creative with blending! I still do both depending on what I want to achieve for my health at the time. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    • Hi Bing! Thank you for sharing your experience with juicing and blending! You’re absolutely right about choosing which to use in order to achieve the best results! Blending is fun and easy to do. :o) Thanks again for your comment. – Paula

  • Hi,
    Thank you for clarifying the difference between a blender and a juicer. I have never owned a juicer but I have owned several blenders. I think blenders are a staple whereas juicers are considered to be more of a luxury item. I have heard of the benefits of juicing for health but I don’t think I have ever heard of the benefits of blending for health. Is there such a thing?

    • Hi Matt! Thanks for your comment on “Is a Juicer The Same As a Blender?” as well as your question about whether or not blending for health is a real benefit. There is a difference. Even though blending is delicious and fun and helps to maintain a healthy way of eating, it is not really designed for the health in the same sense as juicing. Either way, they both do have benefits. While juicing is used frequently for medicinal purposes as well as for a delicious way to consume your daily needs of fruits and veggies – blending is also a super healthy enhancement to your daily diet needs! :o) I hope I answered your question!! Thanks again and please let me know if you have anymore questions. – Paula

  • Thank you for the informative article on blending and juicing,My daughter recently went on a juice fast to cleans her body and aide with bringing her diabetes number down.She has since become a vegetarian and still juices or blends on a daily basis for at lest one meal replacement.She has experienced great results and has heaps more energy,She also loved people telling her she looked great as you could physically see the difference juicing made to her complexion. My biggest problem was what to do with all the pulp because it seems such a waste to throw it away,I ended up digging holes and putting it throughout the garden,plants seem to love it and it seems to encourage the worm population.Thanks again for your article and i have bookmarked your website so my daughter and i can follow you.

    • Thank you Matt! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with juicing and KUDOS to your daughter for giving juicing a try and seeing the success it can actually bring to one’s health! It’s amazing. As for the pulp, there are a few things to do with it. YES! Compost it – ABSOLUTELY! Also, there are many recipes now days that offer ways to use that pulp. As many vegetarians know, you can freeze the pulp and use it in making cookies, as a topping for snack crackers, and much more. I will try and get some ideas post on the site soon. I look forward to meeting up again! :o) – Paula

  • Hello Paula, it’s very interesting to know the difference between a juicer and a blender. I recently bought a blender and I find it amazing. I also feel I’m eating much more fruits and veggies than before 🙂 I think these products are very relevant for people that want to loose weight and have a healthier lifestyle. Thank you for this article, I really enjoyed reading it 🙂

    • Hi Fabiana! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this article! You are very welcome for the information. Let me know how your blending the different fruits and veggies go. I’d love to hear about it. :o) – Paula

  • I think it’s really great that you mention how the nutritional profile of our foods have been altered do to our soil losing its minerals. A benefit of the juicer vs the blender is that you’ll get a bunch of really great compostable material. Your savvy earth-conscious readers might like to take that compost and grow some delicious fruits and vegetables like the ones shown in your article. You explained the differences well in extracting vs combining ingredients. It seems like the two could work very well together.

    • Hi Neil and thank you for your positive input on this article! I am happy that you have found it informative. The pulp from juicing does indeed have a few uses, which I will offer in another article, but a bit later. The two do work very well together. By using both, one can be sure to reach a better level of health! :o) Thanks again Neil and I sure hope to see you at the garden again soon. – Paula :o)

  • This is interesting because I did not really know that there is a difference between juicing and blending. And that they have different nutritional content. I have always liked blending different fruits together to make a smoothie but have never tried juicing. I will probably start doing some juicing just to extract the juice from the fruit.

    • Hi Bose! You will certainly enjoy the benefits of juicing. It’s pretty amazing, and you feel great when you’re juicing on a regular basis. Blending is good too, so that’s great that you’ve already got that going. Did you see the recipes? They’re delicious! Hope you get a chance to try them. :o) – Paula

  • This is such an interesting post! I had no idea what the difference between a juicer and a blender was until now. I’ve had so much trouble finding the proper appliance and had no clue how to even make a a nutricious drink. I enjoyed learning that juicing left nutritious juice. And it’s intriguing, you stated a blender can even make salad dressing! I love salad! Thank you so much for that information.

    • Hi Michelle! Thanks so much for your comment! I am so glad that this article provided you with some new knowledge. By blending different veggies and fruit, you sure can make a delicious salad dressing! Follow my site on social media for the latest articles, tip, recipes and more. I appreciate your visit! :o) – Paula

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