The Health Benefits Of A Banana – A Yellow Berry Fruit ?

The Health Benefits Of A Banana – A Yellow Berry Fruit ?

Did you know that a banana is botanically a berry?!? This means it is a yellow berry fruit!

This delicious soft, sweet, fruit that we are so used to eating is called a Cavendish banana – the most common dessert banana sold today, and it is among the most widely eaten foods in the world.

The Cavendish banana came in to existence in 1836 and gained it’s popularity by 1950. With India leading the production of bananas, there are over 130 other countries in the world producing this fruit as well.

Bananas contain many important nutrients. They are really rich in vitamin B6, which is about 31% of the daily value. Bananas also have larger amounts of vitamin C, manganese and dietary fiber along with many other nutrients too.

Beyond being a convenient snack that is 75% water and barely over 100 calories, this inexpensive, yellow “berry” just might have a lot to offer!


This is no monkey business

Bananas Aren't Just For MonkeysBecause this fruit contains a lot of antioxidant properties, it makes good for helping protect the brain. What I mean by this is the brain and eyes contain DHA, EPA, and ALA which are the omega 3 fatty acids. The omega 3’s reduce inflammation throughout the body that causes disease.

Since these fats are prone to oxidative damage, this is where the antioxidant power comes in! The antioxidants protect these omega 3’s by inhibiting or stopping the damaging oxidation process. :o)

Also, bananas contain a good amount of dietary fiber, which include pectin (ripe bananas) and resistant starch (unripe bananas). Dietary fiber has been linked to lots of health benefits. Included on the list of things it can help is the digestive system. The high fiber in bananas help to normalize the bowel movements.

The good news about these fibers is that the resistant starch becomes food for the good bacteria in the gut, while the dietary pectin may aid in the protective effects against colon cancer.

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On the list of awesomeness, bananas are known to cool you during fevering by lowering  the bodies temperature, and too can stabilize blood sugar levels between meals.

During pregnancy, moms-to-be often eat bananas to curve nausea from morning sickness, while others may enjoy them for a more healthy heart.

Surprisingly enough, since bananas are known to be part of the antioxidant family, and have the power of protection against rancidity, then they may also help with arthritis and gout!

Could this Southeast Asian fruit be the true “yellow gold” in the world today?


Hang around – Grab a banana or two!

Now, one of the largest known and talked about nutrients of the banana, is Monkey Hanging Around - Banana Nutrientsreferred to as “potassium”.

Oddly enough, people believe that bananas are loaded with potassium, when in fact that is quite the contrary.

The truth is, bananas are quite low in potassium compared to  how people portray them to be. There are many other types of produce containing a whole lot more potassium than bananas – like beet greens, swiss chard, spinach, and lots of others.

To cure the myth about potassium in bananas, I want to express one fact – a large banana contains about 400 mg of potassium and the body needs about 4500 mg ( I think it was a little more than that) to keep a healthy level – thanks to Dr. Eric Berg for that scoop.

You know, that means you would need to eat lots – I mean lots, of bananas …lots, to even think about the need to worry.

Alarmingly though, people also think that bananas have large amounts of radiation. Not to worry. Even though the banana  is slightly radioactive in nature, because it consists of potassium, it is so minute that it can’t even be detected. :o)


Let’s hear what Tom, the scientist, has to say after doing his experiment:




So …


Did he just say that the radioactivity could not be detected in bananas?!?

How exciting!

Bananas are very safe to eat.

Bananas do offer a lot for our health as long as we are incorporating them into our daily diet! That means we need to be eating more than one a day :o).

So, since now we know just how valuable these yellow berry fruits are, do you think they’re worth their weight in gold? Yellow gold that is? :o)


Anyone hungry for bananas?!?

Monkeys Oh No Bananas and Potassium
Did you say “RAW” bananas?!?

There are many ways to consume bananas today.

Even though raw is the most nutritious; delicious way to consume them, bananas can also be used in things like pancakes, breads, and cookies.

I have to admit though, my all time favorite use is definitely raw. However, I truly do enjoy the smoothies as well as the bread (topped with walnuts).

A great kitchen tip is that one overripe banana can even be used as an egg substitute!!! So if you’d like to find out about more egg replacements, you can go here to my article, “Do vegans eat eggs ?”.



Summing it up

Monkey Banana A Yellow Berry Fruit Bananas are botanically a berry.

Bananas are among the most consumed foods in the world, and are produced in over 130 countries.

There are numerous known health benefits connected with consuming bananas; listed  in this article are only a few of them.

Bananas are not abundant in potassium as thought by many. However, they are a delicious addition to other produce consumed in the diet each day.

The radioactivity they contain is so minute, it’s undetectable and is not going to make you sick.

They are nutritionally best when consumed raw; are a great, inexpensive, convenient snack, and are tasty in smoothies.

Bananas, no matter what variety, color, size or shape, they are the true, yellow gold!


Finally, I hope you have enjoyed this post. It has offered me some insight on things I didn’t know, and I hope it did the same for you.

If you have friends and family that you think would enjoy reading this post or maybe even benefit from it somehow, please feel free to share.

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Paula :o)

12 thoughts on “The Health Benefits Of A Banana – A Yellow Berry Fruit ?”

  • Hi Paula, thanks for this information. I must admit to being a bit ignorant when it came to the potassium levels in bananas. I always thought they were “full” of potassium. Anyway, it was very interesting and since I live in South East Asia I have access to the freshest bananas you can imagine! I lived in Indonesia for a while and we were surrounded by banana plantations. I now live in Malaysia and if you take bananas to Batu Caves (popular tourist attraction) you will see how popular they are with the local monkey population!

    • Hi Craig and thank you so much for visiting the garden! OMGosh, that is so awesome that you have such easy access! I have not been to Southeast Asia, but have seen some documentaries that make me feel like I’m already there! It seems so amazing. I’m sure they are super popular among the local monkeys population. They probably can’t wait for the tourists to arrive each day! Anyway, thank you for sharing your experiences!! It is super exciting. Hope to see you again soon here at the garden :o). – Paula

  • I’ve always loved bananas. They are my second favorite fruit, and raspberries top the list. That being said I can vouch that there are so many benefits or eating bananas, that I don’t even know all of them, thanks for sharing this post as I was able to learn new benefits that I didn’t know prior. Just another reason why I should eat more bananas,

    • Hi Deep and thank you! So glad you were able to get some new knowledge from the article. Bananas are a wonderful fruit with what seems to be almost never ending benefits! The banana is probably my favorite actually. Yes, it’s a for sure thing – everyone should eat more bananas, even if it’s only because of the benefits. I sure do appreciate you sharing your thoughts and experiences with consuming this fruit, and I hope to see you back here at the garden soon!! :o) Thanks again Deep. – Paula

  • I am glad you clarified the potassium theory. I catch a lot of leg cramps and everyone is hollering eat bananas. One thing I have to mention is that these days when I eat a banana straight it toys with my stomach quite a bit. It used to not do that when I was younger. Do you know why that may happen?

    • Hi Ronnie! Thanks so much for stopping in and leaving your comment. There are other produce that out weigh the potassium that a banana offers, like the beet greens! They have a whole lot more potassium. The reason for the stomach upset, possibly could be that a banana has a lot of fiber and sometimes fiber can create bloating, gas and even stomach cramping. Another reason may be that you have developed some kind of digestive problem. If you’re not used to eating them, you may want to try using them in smoothies, or cereal a little at a time and build yourself up to tolerate the new intake of fiber. Just so you know – by no means am I a physician or anything like that :o). I just read a lot and share what I’ve read and learned myself. I hope you’ve found the information to be helpful for you. ! Thanks again for your comment Ronnie and I look forward to seeing you here at the garden again soon :o). – Paula

  • Hi Paula, talk about learning something new every day! I never knew bananas were a berry. Maybe that’s why they taste so good when eaten with berries? As for curbing morning sickness in pregnancy, I wish I knew this a few months ago. How do you think bananas got the reputation as being full of potassium when we’d have to eat so many to reach our daily recommended potassium intake?

    • Hi Angela and thank you for stopping by the garden and leaving your thoughts on the banana berry! :o) Wow, that would have been great to have that knowledge prior. You know, I honestly don’t know how it got the reputation that it has. People not knowing I guess. Maybe we aren’t suppose to know that these can be eaten in abundance, lol. Not sure! It is definitely something to look into though! Bananas are pretty amazing. Anyway, thanks again for coming to the garden and I hope to see you again soon :o). – Paula

  • That’s quite shocking that bananas don’t have as much potassium as we have always been taught throughout the years! It’s even more shocking that they are considered berries!! Who knew?! You’ve got some awesome facts here. I have to say… I’ve definitely learned quite a few new things after reading this post haha! Thank you for posting your knowledge on such a great fruit 🙂

    • Thank you Jillian, and you are most welcome! I appreciate you stopping by and sharing your thoughts on the health benefits of a banana – a yellow berry fruit! It is truly amazing the things we know now about fruits and vegetables and just how wonderful they really are for our body! Thank you for all the compliments, and I’m so glad you found this article helpful as well as educational Jillian! Come back anytime. I am always finding new information to share with everyone! See you soon!!! – Paula

  • You awesome….I was waiting for you to talk about how bananas can protect againsts certains cancers. you have really done your home work here. Now, heres what I didnt know. I did not know that bananas were botanicaly classified as BERRY!!! You got me with that one and also with it being a substitute for eggs. Wow! Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Hi Shakida! Thank you for stopping by the garden to read the health benefits of a banana! Indeed it is known to be a yellow berry fruit!!! I thought the same when I started digging into it’s history. Also, there is another article called, “Do Vegans Eat Eggs” that has more ideas on the egg substitutions. Feel free to check that out as well. Again, thank you for taking time from your schedule to share your thoughts on this subject :). It sure is appreciated! – Paula

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