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Over the past couple of years, I have become a bit more conscious of a healthy, clean, and mostly green diet!

During these couple of years, I have experienced everything from health issues and processed junk foods; to watching labels, cutting chemicals, juicing, and even gardening my own goods! I will have to tell you … I have spent many nights in tears, feeling extremely overwhelmed and completely lost. The good news is that I conquered the fear of change, and now I am here!

You might be asking,What on earth landed you here?”.

That is not only a simple question to answer, but an easy one as well.
I had a desire and I followed it!
I wanted to somehow, help people take their first step toward vegan-tastic goodness!

I became inspired to help people like you discover your inner vegan, by offering some sound resources and important information that will help create a solid foundation to build upon. Hopefully, it’ll relieve the pain and agony of researching the many different topics that tend to be strung all over the place, so that you could find them all, right here, in one spot … The Garden Of Vegan!

In the beginning…

A few years ago; in the beginning, before my vegan journey, things didn’t look so good.
I was in my late forties, I had lost my job, and even though I seemed very healthy – I wasn’t.
I discovered, I had developed a heart disease that seemed to be linked to the foods I was eating.

The world we live in is so fast paced. Everyone’s constantly on the go; always too busy, eating whatever they can shove down their chute before their day even starts!

I remember waiting until I would be so hungry; I would rush through the drive-thru to grab a taco or a burger, because I just couldn’t wait long enough to get home and fix a meal.

Another habit, or ritual, I use to do was going to the grocery store on an empty stomach!!! If you don’t know this already, believe me when I tell you that doing so is never a good idea. Not even remotely good. This is when you buy the really bad stuff like donuts, chips, and frozen pizzas. Yes, I remember those days way to well.

When I was transported to the heart unit, I knew it had to stop. I had children that needed me! I could change all of this; not only for myself, but more importantly, for my children! I couldn’t stand the thought of this happening to them. Becoming ill, weak, and unhealthy. I want my kiddos to be strong. To be able to think with clarity, and be full of life! In order to make that happen, I had to start making the change within myself first; leading them to the challenge of discovering a more healthy, wonderful lifestyle that they could pass on.

It’s SIMPLE … but not EASY

Today, just about everyone knows that processed food is horrible for the body. It’s beyond unhealthy. It has tons of calories, and little or no nutrition! We’ve become walking, talking, toxic beings. But that can change; starting with a thought, a desire, and sadly enough – even a tragedy.

There are so many avenues now a days to find information, products, recipes, and so on! That is why we get so overwhelmed when trying to figure out a plan for our new lifestyle! One of the things that I get hung up on is replacing food items like milk, butter, and eggs with other food items that my taste buds might not like! And don’t forget the meat! Can you imagine a meal without meat??? Yes. It’s simple, but not easy. Becoming vegan doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and patience. It takes planning and learning new ideas. It takes determination and a desire to make a change. Sometimes … baby steps. Maybe start with becoming vegetarian; working your way to veganism. Most of all, it takes accepting the idea that if we truly want to be at our most optimal health, we have to make the changes that are needed.

Have you ever heard your parents say, “Good things come to those who wait?”, or “Good things take time.”?  What about, “You are what you eat.”? Boy did they know what they were talking about! Agree?

The bottom line is people want change, and that is why you have began your own journey here at The Garden Of Vegan.

I am interested in what you have to say about your new journey. Remember I am here for you, so if you need feedback or support regarding your journey toward vegan-tastic goodness, I am more than happy to connect!

Before you head out, make sure to bookmark my site, and visit regularly so you can get the most recent;  updated info, some fun and crazy ideas, and more. I am always thinking of new ways to help.

Good Luck with your journey and always remember – You are what you eat!
Thank you for visiting with me here at The Garden Of Vegan and have a vegan-tastic day!



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