What Is Horsetail Weed, Do You Really Want To Know?

What Is Horsetail Weed, Do You Really Want To Know?

Very odd things show up in the path when you’re actually searching for something completely different!

Browsing around, I was looking for information on childhood vaccines, and as odd as it is, I stumbled across this weed called Horsetail! If you’re anything like me, you’re asking the same question that I did, ” What is Horsetail weed ?”.

Being a weed; I know I must have seen it a million times in my life, but I was no way familiar, and I certainly had no idea what it was by name. Since I enjoy learning, I decided to plug it into the search and find out what this horsetail was really all about, and why I was finding it when searching for information about vaccines?

First things first…

Equisetum Horsetail Snake Grass Living FossilThe Weed With Many Names


Is this what science says… Equisetum?

Equisetum is the scientific name of this “Horsetail” weed, and is derived from Latin, and actually means horse bristle!

Though most call it Horsetail, it also has many other names like Snake Grass, Puzzlegrass, and Candock.

Horsetail is a living fossil and is the only living group of the entire class – Equisetopsida.

Supposedly, over one hundred million years ago, they dominated the vegetation beneath the canopy of the late Paleozoic forests – the great forests of the Paleozoic Era. The Equisetopsida were such large trees, they are thought to have reached as tall as 98 feet!!! That’s big!

Horsetail became the “umbrella” name for it’s entire group because of the horse tail resemblance. It naturally has an abrasive silica, and for thousands of years was used as sandpaper.

What I find super interesting is, according to the “talk of the town” so to speak, this plant is so old that a lot of the coal being burned today was actually once Horsetail!


The WOW! Factor…


First, this very attractive weed  looks kind of like a beautiful, vibrant, but mini, pine tree. It can be planted as an ornamental in your garden due to it taking it’s sweet time becoming established. But watch out! Once it gets growing, it can take over.

The awesomeness of this plant is the fact that it has proven itself to be aEquisetum Horestail Weed Shoots Herb Plant very versatile, valuable, worthy weed!

So now you ask, “What is Horsetail good for?”.

Again, for thousands of years it has been used as sandpaper, but it doesn’t stop there. Today, people have found new uses for this gem. They have discovered that this weed actually makes a wonderful scrubber. To me, it looks a lot like a bottle brush which brings to mind my next point.

It’s so funny how we can always think of what to do with nearly anything! The mind is so amazing. The Horsetail weed has made it’s way into modern day dish washing. How so? Since people have discovered the use of this new scrub brush of a weed, it’s been proven to make your metal mugs and pots and pans sparkly clean – especially if they’re tin. Camper’s, pack up!

More astounding finds? Indians have used this as well, to polish their wooden tools; while in Japan, they prepare and eat it like asparagus!

Horsetail Weed Ornamental Plant Medicinal PlantsAlso, gardeners, flower lovers, and bird watchers have been known to plant this useful weed next to their bird baths. They do this in order to have close access to a natural scrub brush for cleaning their bath. How brilliant!!!

And just think, these are only a few of the astonishing uses of the Horsetail weed.

A Gardener’s Note:

The Horsetail weed thrives in wet soil. It’s beautiful shoots come up from under the ground from it’s massive root system. Eventually, producing spores rather than seeds, this surprising plant grows into a gorgeous ornamental display.

Now that we have learned how outstanding this amazing, historic weed really is, none of these uses  we’ve just covered can out do what you are about to learn next!!!

Here Comes The

Big Boom Onomatopeia Horestail Herb Vaccines

So, I’m saying to myself, “No wonder I came across this weed while searching information on vaccines!”.

Dr. Steven D. Ehrlich of University of Maryland Medical  Center found that extracts among other preparations of the horsetail weed has medicinal uses or herbal remedies that have been recorded as far back as ancient Greek or Roman medical sources.

Published in the University of Maryland Medical Center Complementary and Alternative Medicine Guide, it states:


Horsetail has traditionally been used as a diuretic (helps rid the body of excess fluid by increasing urine output). One study examined the use of horsetail by people who had a history of uric acid kidney stones. The people who took horsetail experienced an increase in diuresis (urine output). Other studies suggest horsetail has antioxidant properties and may inhibit cancer cell growth.


Reading this, brought me back to an important article that I came across regarding vaccines! I’m still in awe.

Having to take aspirin in the past, I learned that a lot of over-the-counter meds contain several different, probably unnecessary, chemicals including aluminum. Why would they need to put aluminum in aspirin, I thought. All I could think about was aluminum foil!

Mike Adams, scientist, researcher and news publisher, explained in an article that aluminum is a toxic metal that damages the brain. It causes an acceleration of dementia and even Alzheimer’s. But wait…

When it comes to the human body, this horrifying metal isn’t just in your over-the-counter medicine. It is also in your deodorants, and cookware as well as other things.

BUT EVEN BIGGER THAN ALL OF THAT…Mind Blown Mind Explosion Here Comes The Boom

I learned, not only were pharmaceutical companies adding aluminum into the store bought meds, but they have been allowed to add it as an ingredient to the vaccines! The CDC published a list of ingredients that childhood shots and other vaccines contain; making it publically available.

The Health Ranger, has been sharing his discoveries on how you can remove aluminum from your body using Horsetail herb. He stated that the process of eliminating the aluminum is through urine excretion. Mike produced a video called Bulletproof Brain that was super helpful in understanding the entire process. He also published a full article that reiterates the short, 45 minute, documentary.

How amazing was that? I mean, if you ever have someone ask you in the future, ” what is horsetail weed ?”, you will certainly be able to give them an ear full.

I just love building my knowledge, especially when it has to do with helping people in my life (that means you), as well as helping myself stay healthy.

So please feel free to share this article, and any others here in the garden, to friends and family who you believe can benefit from the Share Thoughts Comments Questionsinformation! It’s all about helping one another.

I would love for you to leave me a comment sharing your thoughts and knowledge.  I’d truly enjoy reading your story.

Thanks so much! – Paula

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    • Hi Kelli! You are most welcome!! I love finding new info like this. It just makes one really ponder and dig deeper. Thankful we have the opportunity to research. Anyway, thanks for your comment. It is greatly appreciated! :o)

  • Wow, never heard of this “HORSETAIL WEED” before. i am from New Zealand and we have a climate here that grows most things. Do you know if it is in New Zealand?

    • Hi Mark, and thank you so much for stopping by!!! Actually there are only very few places this weed does NOT grow and believe it or not, New Zealand is one of them. I know that Antarctica is listed as being another one. It’s main growing ground is the Northwest, and is very abundant. Pretty amazing really. I was in total aww…I needed a spatula, hahaha. Hey, it goes to show you, there’s a true treasure in about most things. We just have to look a little deeper. :o) Thanks for your comment and I look forward to seeing you again! -Paula

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    • Thanks Jack! I’ve recently just started my site :o). It will take me some time, as I try to make sure I produce quality content for my readers. I greatly appreciate the feedback and am happy that you found this article very helpful in benefitting others! Thank you for the awesome support and I look forward to seeing you again in the future. Thanks for stopping by and complimenting the work done here.

  • The more I read and learn, the more amazed I am at the healing properties of naturally occurring substances! We need this important information to help keep our bodies healthy and toxin free. There are so many things created for our body that can bring healing, other than what the pharmaceutical companies tell us about. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Hi Katie and thank you for taking time out of your day to comment! You are most welcome. I want to say that you are absolutely right. Things were created specifically for a natural healing process. I feel blessed that I came across this information as well as the opportunity to share it!!! There is a lot going on in the field of medicine that people aren’t being told or simply aren’t showing interest enough to find out. Anyway, thanks again for sharing your thoughts on my site. Have a blessed day and hope to see you again here at the garden :o).

  • Well, I always wondered what that stuff was called! I have seen it in many places here In BC Canada, but I had no idea how useful it was. I will for sure look into that video, because why not? If I can help my body to detoxify heavy metals, I will. Thank you for this post.

    • Hi Irma! Thanks for the comment. I am happy you liked the article. I agree 100%, if its natural, helpful, WHY NOT?!? It’s super interesting to me that so many of these things seem to have been hidden away in a treasure trove somewhere!! I gotta tell you, this article is only a tip of the iceberg with this so called weed. Its amazing. Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I greatly appreciate and I certainly look forward to seeing you again :o) – Paula

    • Hi Chappy and thanks so much for stopping by! :o) Things like this horsetail weed always do seem to be right under our noses! I am so glad you came across this article. I hope it helps in big ways. Thanks for taking the time to share your comment. – Paula

  • Very interesting info. I have never heard of this weed before.
    The benefits that the plant has, makes me think on “Who decided to classify it as a weed?”
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Hi CobusvdM! Thank you for your comment! It truly is interesting. It is amazing what value and worthiness this little guy has. I have to admit, I was in absolute awe. Glad to have learned something wonderful to share with you and everyone at the garden. Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts on the horsetail weed. Hope to see you again soon! :o) – Paula

  • Hi, Paula! Fantastic article and great information. Thank you very much! I didn’t know how horsetail weed is related to vaccines. It is great how amazing is this plant.
    In my childhood when I was in the countryside in summers, there was a place where these horsetail weeds grew. It was a wonderful sight! We drank horsetail weed tea if I remember correctly. My amazing mom always thinks about health.
    After reading your article, I think that maybe I need to find this plant and use it for my benefit.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Linda! Thanks so much for coming to garden and taking the time to read about the horsetail weed. It truly is an amazing creation. I have not had horsetail tea, but from what I have read about it, it is an awesome way to consume this plant. I am so glad your mom focuses on health. That is something I’m sure she has handed right on down to you too! Tell me about the tea version. Is it a flavorful tea? You will have to let me know :o). Again, thank you for stopping in. I sure have enjoyed reading your comment. Hope to see you again soon, here at the garden. – Paula

  • Wow all this from a weed??? I always thought that all weeds just got in the way were useless and made your garden look untidy. The healing property’s that this horsetail possesses is unbelievable and a great fact that is great for my general knowledge. Thanks for the article.

    • Hi James and thanks so much for commenting! Yes, this well kept secret weed is an amazing piece of nature with quite a bit of potency attached to it! I’m finding that using the horsetail tea is a great way to utilize it incase you choose to try it out. It is definitely knowledge one would want to add to their alternative med side. And they need to!!! :o) Thanks for stopping by to read about the horsetail weed. We will see you again soon! – Paula

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