Why Take Niacin? It Is Amazingly Powerful & It Has Provided Many Positive Effects!

Why Take Niacin? It Is Amazingly Powerful & It Has Provided Many Positive Effects!

Niacin is the third of the B vitamins to be discovered. That is how it gained it’s famous name, B3!

In the early 1940’s, believe it or not, niacin – a natural element, was on it’s way to fame when all of the sudden, a pharmaceutical company stepped up and stole the spotlight. Not intentionally of course.

However, around the same time that niacin was about to take the stage for it’s accomplishment for relieving arthritis, the pharmaceutical company released it’s new product called cortisone.

That was a real bummer, because this miraculous element has delivered such a positive effect on health throughout history, and it truly did deserved it’s recognition and award. And it still does!!

So, if you want to keep things natural when it come to your health, you’re going to want to know the benefits and uses of niacin and whether or not you may be deficient, as well as where to find it, right?


Sit tight and let me fill you in on some “Wise Old Owl” kind of stuff!


Why Take Niacin Wise Old OwlThe B vitamins help the body convert carbohydrates into energy, while also helping the body use up fats and proteins. They are needed for keeping a properly functioning nervous system and for a healthy liver.

Niacin, Niacinamide, and Inositol hexaniacinate are all forms of vitamin B3. The body converts niacin into niacinamide (an alkaline form of niacin) which allows you to use it in lieu of niacinamide.

Often, niacin is found in combination with other B vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin, and folic acid.

A well balanced diet should always be the preferred way of getting the right amount of your daily dose of niacin.

Through supplements, niacin comes in different forms. Tablet or capsule; regular or time released. It is not recommended to use the time release form, because studies have found that it causes liver damage.

When choosing to use a supplement form of niacin, it is highly recommended that it be taken after a meal.

Niacin is one of eight B vitamins and has numerous benefits that aren’t often shared, or have been long forgotten about! Kind of like the old coffee enema. What was once found and considered to be effective remedies in the doctor’s reference book, has now been replaced with manufactured drugs. It’s not because they are not effective, but because there is no longer any room in the book.

Knowing this, you may be wondering whether or not you may need more niacin in your diet.


 Are you thinking YOU could be niacin deficient?


Typically, in developed countries, it is rare for one to be deficient, but it’s not impossible. One of the main causes of niacin deficiency, is alcoholism!

Mild B3 deficiency symptoms include indigestion, fatigue, canker sores, vomiting, poor circulation, depression, and having a sensitivity to sunlight. If you have all or some of these symptoms, it’s possible you could be deficient.

Severe deficiency symptoms, also known as Pellagra, is characterized by cracked, scaley skin, diarrhea, and dementia, and can include burning in the mouth, and a red swollen tongue.

Treatment is usually a balanced diet along side a niacin supplement which has been approved by the FDA for treatment of Pellagra.

So, as far as that balanced diet goes, next are some of the foods you can look for to get you started. Are you ready?


Foods that feed the body – The natural niacin conversion!


Why Take Niacin, Beet Root, Beets, Beet GreensNiacin, along with all other B vitamins, is water soluble. This means that the body does not store it. So fortunately, our bodies can convert certain foods into niacin as we eat them, making niacin a natural alternative to supplements.

These foods contain an amino acid called tryptophan, which is what helps actually convert the food to niacin.

Some of the best food sources of vitamin B3 that are needed to convert to natural niacin in the body, are green peas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, beets, butternut squash, winter squash, pumpkin, okra, corn, parsnip, sunflower seeds, peanuts, almonds, brown rice, along with brewer’s yeast, dairy, eggs, tuna, turkey, chicken breast, and grass-fed beef.

With these foods, you are well on your way to having the right amount niacin your body needs to maintain a good healthy level.

Astoundingly, there are MANY other benefits too, to getting the right amount of niacin!

Are you feeling curious enough to dig a little deeper to see just how powerful niacin actually is?


LOOK at the POSITIVE and truly POWERFUL effects Niacin has!!!


Because this vitamin has been such a winner throughout history, and there are TONS of miraculous uses for it, I am only going to list some of the awesome discoveries and uses, and then offer you even more resources that you can look over as well!

Let’s start with arthritis since it was the reason niacin was about to become publically famous.

Arthritis – Niacinamide (form of niacin) opens up the deep blood vessels surrounding the joints; relieving the pain.

Cholesterol – Niacin raises the good cholesterol (HDL) and lowers the bad (LDL), and reduces the fats in the blood (triglycerides), which has been linked to heart disease and cancer.

Heart Disease – For this, niacin lowers blood sugar levels that can be damaging to the arterial walls, and dilates the blood vessels allowing better circulation  and more oxygen and nutrients to areas that are lacking.

Dr. David Williams, is a renowned chiropractor who specializes in searching for effective natural health therapies said in a statement:


…when it comes to circulation problems and heart disease. If a prescription drug could do one tenth of what niacin does, the media would be endlessly singing its praises.


Diabetes Type 1 – Niacinamide (alkaline form of niacin) may help protect the cells in the pancreas that make the insulin. It delays the onset of insulin dependence and may slow the progression of type 1 diabetes.

Schizophrenia – Although not an accepted treatment by mainstream medicine, Dr. Abram Hoffer, a Canadian biochemist and psychiatrist, claims in his documentary film “Feed Your Head”, that high doses of niacin, as much as 5000 mg, would cure some of their unfortunate illness – schizophrenia.


Interview with Dr. Abram Hoffer


Memory Loss – It is known that 1000 mg doses, three time per day can improve memory. Also, population studies have shown that people with higher levels of niacin in their diets had a lower risk of Alzheimer’s.

Insomnia – The receptors affecting one’s sleep are activated by niacinamide. So when taken at bedtime, it can help with getting a better nights sleep.

Tinnitus – Niacin increases blood flow to the ears, which may help to eliminate tinnitus.

Other uses:

Suppress inflammation, Improve circulation  to legs and feet, Reduce risk of developing cataracts, Benefits erectile dysfunction, Motion sickness, Acne, Migraine headaches, Lowering blood pressure, Deafness and Vertigo

The uses for niacin go on and on!!! It’s TRULY amazing!

The Mayo Clinic offers lots more uses based on scientific theory and tradition. The list is huge, so be sure to check them out!

While you’re there, you can check out the recommended doses for some of the benefits listed above, CLICK HERE .

So what do you think, is niacin amazing or what?!? Do you still need to ask, “Why take niacin”? I think not.  :0)


Wrapping it up; what did we learn?Niacin Why Take Niacin FIrst Aid Medicine Cabinet


By eating a well balanced diet, our bodies convert certain foods into niacin to keep us healthy.

If a niacin supplement is needed, always take it after the meal, and avoid using the time release form.

It is rare to be deficient in niacin, but it does happen and treatment is typically an easy solution – diet and supplement.

There are many foods that contain the elements we need to convert the food, naturally, into niacin.

There are many good reasons for niacin to be in our medicine cabinets. It has made a positive and powerful impact on our health.

You should consult with your doctor before taking high doses of any supplement or medicine.



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Thanks so much.

– Paula

42 thoughts on “Why Take Niacin? It Is Amazingly Powerful & It Has Provided Many Positive Effects!”

  • That is a very detailed and well written post. I never knew that B3 is so good and can prevent from so many diseases! You are probably right that not a lot of people are aware of its benefits. Arthritis, memory loss, heart disease, diabetes type 1 – all major illnesses are covered by only one vitamin! I will definitely add this vitamin to my diet and will recommend it to my husband.
    Are there any recommendations on how to take it? just with plain water? saying vitamin D needs to be taken with fatty foods saying with milk.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Anna and thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on this article! YES, it is truly amazing! If you jump back into the article, it states to make sure you take it AFTER your meal. So, you definitely want to make sure you have food on your stomach. Also, make sure to check links that are available in the article for additional information, such as dosing and other benefits. Because I am not a physician or anything along those lines, its important you know to always check with your doctor before taking more than what the package recommends. Once again, thanks so much and continue to share with family and friends! :o) – Paula

  • Wow, this post couldn’t come at a better time! I’m in the process of trying to get back in shape and I had no clue as to what niacin really was. Thanks to your advice, I can now take this thing after meals, which I completely was doing wrong all this time!

    • Hi John! Thanks for coming by and leaving your comment! This article is to guide one to a better understanding of what niacin is, and many benefits that deem it ok to consider taking it. It is not meant to be taken as advice. Since I am not a physician, I cannot advise you as to whether or not you can take it, or how much you should take, if any. Niacin is sold in your local grocery stores, in the vitamin section in which the package has recommended dosages. However, if you’ve read the article, you know that some illnesses, etc have been cured or prevented by high doses of niacin. High doses though, should ALWAYS be taken under a physicians care. For recommended doses, it’s important to know that you should always take it after meals. Thanks John. – Paula

  • All vitamins are important but some are really awesome like Niacin. Do you recommend to take niacin supplements? Also, is there a danger of overdose if I take too much Niacin supplements? I´m really interested because I have an arthritis history in my family and I would like to avoid it.

    • Hi Ruben and thanks so much for sharing your questions! First, you should always research until you are comfortable with making the decision to take any supplement, or you can reach out for recommendations from your physician. As for overdosing on vitamins, I have not heard that. However, if you look into the section titled, LOOK at the POSITIVE and truly POWERFUL effects Niacin has!, near the bottom you will see some links that can guide you further into understanding the dosages. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Dr. Andrew Saul, but he is all about vitamin therapy. Might be something you want to check out. :o) Thanks so much again Ruben for taking time to share! Please social share with family and friends. – Paula

  • I do lots of body building stuff and I always see that in my pre workout supplement. Considering my bodybuilding routine I really wonder that is there any ideal time to take it?

    • Hi Furkan and thanks so much for commenting! Yes… WITH FOOD! :o) Researching, I didn’t really notice a specific time of day, but was super specific about making sure to take it with meals. If you’re taking a larger dose, it might be best to consider spreading it out to two or three doses. Also, you should ALWAYS check with your doctor when taking anything more than what is recommended on the package. Thanks so much once again, and I look very forward to seeing you again soon! – Paula

  • Wow. This is a very informative article. I have never heard of this Vitamin before and am very thankful you are spreading the word about it! I especially enjoyed learning that memory can be improved with this product. I have horrible memory loss from being on my epilepsy medication for so many years and am always searching for ways to improve it.

    keep up the great work!

    • Thanks so much Darcy! I am so glad you enjoyed the article and truly hope you can somehow benefit through all the research. Just remember that when taking even supplements, if you plan to take higher doses than recommended, you check with your physician. It’s super exciting to know when you research a topic and write your article about it, that people actually benefit somehow from it. Thanks again and I hope to see you again here at the garden soon. :o) – Paula

  • Hi Paula,
    Thanks for putting up this extensive info.
    I must admit I never heard of niacin such a good supplement. I usually go with the Food Pyramid here and I think it is the most complete the balance diet recommendation.
    I had Niacin deficiency in the past and now, I have Arthritis and both of my knees are chronically pain. I would like to know if niacin could help? I don’t want to do the surgery.
    Please suggest.

    • Thank you Maun! I’m sorry to hear about your arthritis!!! Talk with your doctor and check out some of the links I provided in the article. There is much information out there that can help you understand the ins and outs of all vitamins and making sure you are consuming clean, healthy foods – not processed foods in packages or cans if possible. I am not a physician, and I only research what I think will help my family and I, as well as others. Then I share what I find. If you go back to the article, to the section titled, “LOOK at the POSITIVE and truly POWERFUL effects Niacin has!”, and you look toward the bottom of that section you can find links. Check them out :o). Thanks much for your sharing your story. Let me know how it turns out. – Paula

  • Wow, what a detailed information! I knew Niacin is really good for your health but didn’t know how good it was till I read this article.
    Typically I take niacin supplements before going to sauna because I love to sweat! I seldom sweat even though I do high-intensity exercise, so I take niacin and get into a sauna, although my skin gets red and irritating. I just enjoy my sweat pouring out from my pores, and I feel cleansing! (Addicting?) But currently, I am not going into a sauna as much as I used to, neither taking niacin. This article convinced me to take it even though outside of the sauna. Thank you!

    • Hi Kyoko! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and share your story on niacin! Sometimes niacin can cause flushing of the skin, so that might be what the red and irritating sensation is. Glad to see that you’ve had success with using niacin – as many do. Also, I’m super happy that you found this article to be helpful. I look forward to having you back here at the garden again – soon! :o) Paula

  • I love how you went through every detail to give me enough information about the importance of Niacin. I did not know that Niacin can play such a big role i keeping our bodies functional. If we only eat the way we are supposed to we would be in great health. Sometimes we can’t get all the vitamins we need or can’t afford to eat healthy and therefore we must use supplements. Do you have a brand of Niacin supplement you recommend?

    • Hi Melissa and thanks so much for your comment! I appreciate that you enjoyed my article and found it to be helpful. Unfortunately, I don’t have a specific brand that I can recommend. As long as its clean and of good quality, it would be great! Sometimes, our local grocer carries descent products and we just don’t realize it. So you may want to check there first! Thanks so much, once again Melissa. I look forward to your next visit that let’s us know what worked for you! :o) Paula

  • Thank You for your post on Niacin,

    I had no idea how important Niacin Levels were to our proper health

    It was a very well worded and informative post. I found what I was looking for in my research on Niacin


  • Hi paula, great article- Niacin is one of those vitamins that i hear and see all the time, but first timei actually understood what it actually does!

    • Hi Ian and thanks so much for commenting on this article about niacin! I am happy that you found it to be helpful and interesting! As for hearing and seeing a lot about niacin – Me too! Especially after watching the documentary “Feed Your Head”. I was completely amazed at what I learned about niacin, alone, in that film. The information prompted me to dig deeper for more. Super amazing and so glad that I have been able to share with everyone else!

  • Great article! I use a BCAA (branch chain amino acid) for my gym workouts for recovery. It has Niacin in it. I find it makes a BIG difference. I really notice when I don’t have it. You’ve listed all kinds of great reasons why Niacin is something worth looking into. Great job!

    • Hi Kevin! Thanks so much for sharing your comment! Yes, I have read a little about how the BCAA’s are a great addition for those who workout, and how they stimulate the protein synthesis. The B vitamins are truly amazing when you take the time to step back and really look into what they actually are and how they work. Good stuff! 🙂

  • What an interesting and informative article! I have a friend who is an alcoholic, and he goes for month Vitamin B injections from his doctor. After reading this article, I now understand why, as he is suffering from many of the signs of deficiency that you have listed. I am sending this to him to read. Thanks for the great information.

    • Anika! I am so glad this has great value for you and your friend! Thank you so much for sharing your story and for sharing the article!!! Take a few minutes, if you can, and share with everyone! People should truly understand that getting enough vitamins is truly important. Especially when we don’t take enough of the right foods into our bodies. I would love to hear more on how your friend is recovering as well as if you are using niacin to help yourself. :o) Paula

  • What a wealth of information! Your website is brimming with important facts about healthy living and healthy eating. I am most definitely going to up my intake of my B vitamins. I am lucky that my sons have a farm and are growing all their fruit and vegetables chemical free. I have set up my grandson with his own Facebook page and hopefully his own webpage as well. He is known as the Junior Canadian Farmer. He is 9 years old. I will show him your website so he can learn lots from what you are doing.
    Thank you for such a great website. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit here.

    • Susan – Thank you so much!! Thank you for sharing your comment, as well as my site. I am so happy to know that you have found my site of great interest, value, and help! I am delighted about you sharing it with your 9 yr old grandson! It sure can help update him on obtaining additional knowledge of health and wellness. Kids are amazing – are they not? Congrats to him on branding himself as being the Junior Canadian Farmer! I agree, he should have a site called just that – “TheJuniorCanadianFarmer”! As for your sons having farms – That is fabulous!!! One of my dreams :o). There’s nothing like fresh! Having access to fresh veggies and fruits is overwhelmingly fantastic!! At my home, I’ve resulted in sticking a couple of apple trees in my yard and a couple fruit bushes, and a small garden, hahaha. I guess though, its a great start if you don’t have a lot of space.
      Health is truly an exciting adventure! :o) Paula

  • Hi Paula,
    Thanks for this awesome read on WHY TAKE NIACIN?
    I honestly get a pretty good diet and don’t normally add supplements to my diet.
    As I read about increasing my memory I did find myself wondering if some Niacin may help.

    My main concern would be my liver, I was a heavy drinker for a long time do you think this may be an issue for me?

    • Hi CannaGary and thank you for your question! A great one by the way. The only problem I found when researching niacin, was that the time release form has been discovered to cause liver damage, so you definitely would want to stay away from that. As for taking niacin? I honestly can’t answer that! If you feel that supplements aren’t for you, as many do feel this way, then I would stick to making sure you’re seeking foods that are loaded with it, like what I have listed in the article. You would definitely want to share you interest of taking niacin with your doctor if you have any concerns about taking it. I’m going to agree, as I did state too in the article, that fresh, clean food is the preferred and recommended way of taking in the daily “recommended” dose of niacin/vitamin B3. There are links placed about midway throughout that might help. I hope this response has helped :o). – Paula

  • I’ve never heard of Niacin until I’ve read this. I need to start taking this vitamin for my carpel tunnel! I saw that you listed the healing of arthritis as a positive of Niacin and I couldn’t believe it. Awesome facts you’ve got! I think I’ll go to the store today and buy a bottle 🙂 Thanks so much for you input! It is definitely much appreciated!!

    • Thank you Jillian! So glad you enjoyed the article and that it was of help to you! It truly is pretty awesome the things that niacin is good for. And the list is huge! Carpel tunnel is a painful thing to have! Hopefully you will have great luck trying the niacin to ease the pain. Goodluck and thanks so much once again! :o) Paula

  • Hey! I sure enjoyed reading your your posts and all the wonderful information! I had no idea that Niacin was so important and what it contributed to! I think that it is definitely something that I will be adding to my daily supplements and diet. Thank you for your information! I look forward to seeing more posts.

    • Hi Samantha! Thanks so much for stopping in and leaving such a nice comment! I am so glad that you enjoyed reading the article and that it was helpful to you! Niacin is certainly a prize winner in my book, offering all the benefits that it does. You are more than welcome for the information and I will definitely look forward to your return!! – Paula

  • This is a great well written article. I never knew that niacin was so important to our health. Your attention to detail is a credit to you.
    Thank you

  • This is really informative. Thank you! I think I need to go get some B3. I’m curious what your thoughts are on taking a B-complex, like with all of the B’s together or taking them separately. Do you think it matters either way?

    • Hi Hazel and thanks so much for commenting! Your question is greatly appreciate as well. I can’t say for certain, as I have not done a full research on the complex. So far, I have found that B3 and B12 have super important roles, but have also heard a small amount of information on the B6. Although I am not a doctor, nutritionist, or any kind of medical professional, I am a concerned mom, who wants to see to it that my family has what they need for their minds and bodies to function optimally. As a mom, unless you’re targeting a specific health issue, I would say B-complex is an option to consider. However, I would want to understand the ins and outs, and if I had questions concerning anything I found, I would seek professional advice. One thing I always do though, if I feel a nutrient is needed, I look to whole foods first – juicing, blending and preparing the different produce. I sure hope this answered your question. If not, please feel free to comment again with more questions. I enjoy helping out when and if I can! Thanks again. :o) Paula

  • Hi, Paula! Thank you for sharing this important information! I am already taking some vitamin supplements, and now I am considering to take vitamin B3 (niacin) supplement. Are you taking niacin, Paula?
    In fact, I didn’t know that niacin is so essential. I am taking vitamin B12 supplement because I am sure that this vitamin is lacking.
    Thank you again! 🙂

    • Hi Linda. In fact, I do take niacin. I have only recently started though over the past week or two weeks! I can say that I am certainly less achy in my joints! How do you feel the B12 works for you? I have taken that for a short period but didn’t notice any kind of effects, so I figured I didn’t really need that. When I discovered niacin, about 3 to 4 months back from the documentary “Feed Your Head”, with Dr Abram Hoffer, I thought it was amazing. S after looking deeper into it, I decided to try it out on myself, haha. Glad I did. Anyway, thanks for the comment and sharing your experience. Let me know if you try out the niacin and what it seems to help you with. – Paula

  • Thank you for this Paula! I will be recommending B3 to my mom who has arthritis. I always enjoy finding new “uses” for real food in my diet! I have been using magnesium for sleep troubles, but I think that I will get some B3 and see if that helps me more.

    I love beets and eat them as often as I can get them in season and from the farmer’s market. We also eat a lot of poultry, and when I buy beef it is usually grass fed and local. Great article!

    • Hi Irma! It’s a pleasure to see you again in the garden!! Sounds like you have a good hold on what being healthy truly is! Niacin can cause flushing, so if you’re not familiar, it’s something you want to know before starting larger doses of niacin. I offered a video in the sidebar that I felt explained things pretty well, so make sure and take advantage of that! I’m not a fan of cooked beets, but I do enjoy them when juicing! Grass-fed beef is definitely the way to go if you include beef in the diet. Anyway, I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts on this article as well as your experiences. Again, thank you for visiting the garden. – Paula

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