Worth It or Worthless? A Nutripro Review, A Juicer By Bella – Come Take A Look!

Worth It or Worthless? A Nutripro Review, A Juicer By Bella – Come Take A Look!

Worth It or Worthless? A Nutripro Review; A Juicer By Bella – Come Take A Look!

I think it’s important to know up front, that having a juicer is an awesome choice – period! So, if you are considering purchasing a juicer, you might want to wait a few minutes until you have read through this article. It just might save you some bucks!

I am going to tell you, when you are purchasing a juicer, the price doesn’t really matter, and it comes down to this – the bottom line – if you have a juicer and use it, it’s worth it’s weight in gold. Any juicer is a blessing and is beneficial to your well being IF you are using it! No matter the cost of the juicer.

There are a couple of different types of juicers – centrifugal and cold press. However, the one we will mull over in this article is the cold press juicer, because it is the juicer designed for the more serious health benefits, such as juice cleansing/detoxing and nut milk making :o).

I actually own this juicer, and I have a lot of personal, hands on experience with using it! So, let’s dig in and see what you think about the Nutripro – Sound good?



Walmart Clearance 154.00 Bella NurtriPro Juicer

What Is A Nutripro?


Nutripro is a specific model of juicer that is manufactured by Bella Housewares. It is like a “last year’s model” juicer. So being an older model that is still available, means the price is like a “last year’s price” too! Quite inexpensive, and I do mean INEXPENSIVE!

The Nutripro is a cold press juicer, which I just love. It is designed with people’s health in mind. The Nutripro is a super easy machine to use and clean, and is truly a high quality juice.

A few of other nice features is the fact that is has 200 watts of power, it’s dishwasher safe, and it has a safety mechanism built into it that will disable the juicer if not assembled correctly. How nice!

It typically comes with up to a 5 year warranty, along with 2 – 32 oz containers – one for catching the pulp, and the other to accept the delicious, flavorful, squeezed juices. It also comes with a cleaning brush that is similar to a toothbrush, but larger. Included in the box is a booklet with some recipes to make your own juices from scratch! Very nice, and a super price!

Since I bought mine a bit over a year ago, I have seen this juicer repeatedly for well under $200. It’s honestly quite amazing and very exciting! You just can’t go wrong with this one!!!



A quick look at the Nutripro by Bella!


A quick view of the Nutripro Cold Press Juicer is worth your while. It’s always nice to have a sneak peek preview of how it actually works, how easy it is to clean, as well as seeing for yourself how quiet it actually operates. I’m not saying that is has no sound, but I am saying it is nothing like the noise of a blender or centrifugal juicer. :o)

So, take a look…



Gee, I have to tell you… Danny is right when he states that it has a safety mechanism!

After purchasing my Nutripro, I brought it home, put it together, and it didn’t work!! Why? :o) I didn’t realize it had that little feature called the “safety mechanism”. So what did I do? I took it right back to the store and told them it didn’t work. They gave me another.

I came home with Nutripro #2!

After driving 30 minutes to where I purchased my juicer, once again, it wasn’t working. I thought it was very strange that I’d receive two juicers that didn’t work. So, I looked carefully and seen the arrow, which was not lined up with the lock icon. I got in a hurry to try it out and completely missed the fact it was a feature set for my own benefit! Wow.

I did feel bad, because at that point I realized there was absolutely NOTHING wrong with the first Nutripro I bought.


Two types of juicers – What are they?


The centrifugal juicer is much like a super high powered blender. However, it’s not. This type though, is mostly for processing fresh juices, and to use for cooking and baking.

Because this juicer generates more heat while processing the produce, it destroys a lot of the nutrients in the produce, not allowing for maximum vitamins and minerals.

The cold press or masticating juicer is used for optimal health. They are highly recommended for juicing “Green Juice” during juice cleansing and tend to offer a lot more nutrients to the body. This particular type juicer is fabulous for making nut milks as well as fresh, fully loaded juices that can help heal your body from sickness and disease.


If you take notice, the cold press simply out does the centrifugal.


A NutriPro Review Cold Press Centrifugal Chart


The pros definitely out weigh the cons.

The only “con” I can even think to drum up is that the Nutripro is a little heavy – if that’s even considered a “con”!! Regardless, it’s well worth the trade off.

The list of “pros” for the Nutripro juicer, in my opinion, can go on and on. An important “pro” is the price that you will get this juicer for. If you can get it for under $200, you might just want to GRAB IT!

A cold press juicer, like the Nutripro by Bella is the way to go if you’re looking to maximize the nutrients from your fruits and vegetables. It processes the produce by using a screw auger that both squeezes and crushes (mastication process) the produce to get the juice.

The cold press juicer is the best choice if you are into juice cleansing and making fresh nut milk, green juices, as well as other healing beverages.


Grab a Nutripro and squeeze yourself a glass of nature’s delight!


When first using a juicer, it can be difficult to know what different fruits and veggies work well together. Wow, let me tell you some of the concoctions that I came up when I first started!! YUK! It took me a while to find things that my taste buds wanted to dance to.

It’s all trial and error though! So to help you out, here are a few ideas to get you started with your new juicing adventure.



Juice Combos Nutripro Review The Garden Of Vegan


So, That’s It!


Having personal experience and a lot of success, I want to stress again that the Nutripro Juicer is absolutely an awesome machine. There is so much great feedback on this juicer by many, many people and their wonderful experience as well!

The Nutripro, is super easy to use and clean and it’s available for well under $200.

It’s a cold press juicer, which means it squeezes the maximum nutrients from the produce you choose, for a much better alternative to medicine and supplements.


Nutripro Cold Press Juicer by Bella Accessories


The Nutripro is a fantastic way to make nut milks, as well as providing the optimal results during a juice cleansing and more!

The Bella company has made certain that you have everything you need and want in Nutripro juicer, including a quiet, smooth running engine.

These are all great reasons that I personally use the Nutripro Cold Press Juicer.

So, now that you’ve taken a few minutes to find out about the Nutripro, what do you think? Worth it or worthless? :o)


“I say, it’s very much worth every penny!”

– Paula


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Thanks so much.

– Paula

34 thoughts on “Worth It or Worthless? A Nutripro Review, A Juicer By Bella – Come Take A Look!”

  • Really informative review ! I am actually looking to buy a juicer, but I always hesitate because there is so much on the market. This review helped me understand better. I will look into the Nutripro for sure. I really appreciate the detailed photos and the videos. Your recipe with beet roots looks delicious.. !

    • Hi Victoria! Thank you for taking time out of your day to stop in and visit!! I appreciate your comment very much. I do enjoy having the Nutripro juicer. There’s nothing I have found yet that it won’t do!! (within reason of course, lol) I am so happy to know that the review has helped you understand juicing a little better, so that you will be ready to enjoy it to the fullest once you’ve decided on a juicer! An amazing experience to have one. The beet combo IS delicious. In fact, that one is actually my favorite and is precisely the reason I added it, hahaha. Thanks so much once again and I look forward to your return, to let us know how the juicing goes once you get it started. :o) – Paula

      • Awesome work ! I love your site! It’s filled with a lot of great information. I found this review to be very helpful in understanding the process of making nutritious juice. I have been considering purchasing a juicer, but wasn’t sure as to what product would be best for what I’m wanting to accomplish. So thank you. You’ve clarified in this post that the cold press is definitely what I’m needing!

        • Aquinda, thank you so much for your visit today! I’m grateful that you’ve take time out of your day to stop in and check out the review on the Nutripro cold press juicer!!! It’s an awesome product; one in which I totally enjoy in my own home. Yes, if you are wanting to accomplish a cleansing, or you are deficient in specific nutrients, the cold press is definitely what you will need versus the centrifugal type.
          Also, I am SO HAPPY that you were able to get the information needed to make a solid, positive, and healthy decision! Thanks so much again and I’m looking forward to seeing you again here at the garden! – Paula

  • I love that this is cold pressed juicer. I’ve heard that cold pressing hold much more nutrient that regular juicers. This looks like the perfect tool for my up coming juice fast.

    Do you know if the plastic canister is dishwasher safe?

    • Hi Vince and thanks so much for stopping by! I too love the fact that this is a cold press juicer. Particularly because it produces a great juice that is loaded with nutrients for my body as well as for my fam. A great choice for a juice fast!! All of the attachments are dishwasher safe as is shown in the video. Rinse, and let the dishwasher do the rest, or you can simply wash by hand! Either way is just as easy as the other! Another great reason to enjoy the Nutripro juicer! Anyway, thanks for your comment and let us know how that juice fast works out!! Looking forward to it. :o) Paula

  • Hi there,
    Nice review of this juicer. I like the fact that it’s easy to clean as this is an important issue for me. I love juicers and enjoy making quality juice. It looks like a good quality juicer and its nice to see that it is under $200. Thanks for the review.

    • Thanks for the comment Tom! I appreciate you taking time to stop in and see what the latest review is on!! As stated in the article, I have truly not found any “cons” with this juicer. I’ve owned it for over a year and still enjoy it the same as when I first purchased! It is super quality and indeed, well under $200. Something everyone should try to have, or make a goal to have. It’s been a blessing for my family. :o) Paula

  • It is really an excellent product that I can see it from your review – but how would you rate its durability. I recently had some experience buying some juicer where day by day the machine slowly gave some problems and now it is useless. Also does this product have an warranty included? Thanks for understanding. Mana

    • Hi Manasir and thanks so much for your comment and question! This is an excellent product and is very durable. I have been using mine for well over a year now and have had no issues whatsoever. Mine came with a 5 year warranty, so that was just another plus for me to have that extra reassurance. I truly believe that you or anyone else would honestly having this product in your very own kitchen as well. :o)

  • Thank you for sharing all this information. It’s funny how sometimes you’re looking for a certain product and then the internet ocean takes you to a far better product you didn’t know exists.
    Thanks again for sharing and for providing the link to Amazon, it’s indeed the best place to purchase it.

    • Hi B! Thanks so much for visiting the garden today! I’m so glad you found the Nutripro cold press juicer to be a better choice for you! Amazon does have great products and great prices! Thanks for the comment and hope to see you again soon! – Paula :o)

  • I really was very happy about your website and the valuable product you have.
    It is a very good product compared to others.
    I told my son to buy me one since it is not noisy, and it’s very practical. It can do most all kind of juices.
    Thank you

    • Hello Abdul! So glad you’ve stopped in! Thanks so much for leaving me your thoughts on the Nutripro juicer! I have truly enjoyed mine, I can honestly say. It certainly is a fantastic product compared to others. I know you won’t be disappointed! :o) Thanks again. – Paula

  • Thank you, Paula, for the detailed information. I thought juicers were much more expensive but it looks like the NutriPro is very reasonable and does so much. Some people think that juicing is not healthy because of the lack of fiber or it being removed. Is there any truth to this? I have wanted to try this for awhile but thought it would be too costly. Also, could you make juice and freeze it without losing any of the essential nutrients? Thank so much.

    • Hi Merry! Thanks so much for such a wonderful comment and questions!! The Nutripro is an awesome juicer and VERY reasonable indeed!! When juicing for health, whether it be for a specific illness, or just being deficient in certain areas of nutrients, this is where having a cold press juicer is amazing! the masticating process is able to squeeze and crush out nearly ALL of the juice from the produce leaving behind the fibers, yet giving you the most nutrients from the produce. It simply isn’t so, atleast to my knowledge and experience, that not having fiber is unhealthy. Sure, fiber is great for one’s diet, and you can even freeze it if you want to use for other things. Many people use the pulp when baking, or for making dip for crackers! However, juicing for health is a way to build more nutrients in the body. Also, cold press juicing is cost effective. Even more so if you grow your own produce. Lots of people though, purchase from wholesalers, keep some of their pulp, and compost the rest. You have to remember also, you are getting pure nutrients when cold press juicing and not some chemical filled product that has been sitting on the shelf, who knows where for months or even years! I like when I know what goes into things I make and put into my body. Don’t you? Last, I personally do not recommend freezing juice. The best way, is to make what you need on a daily basis. Making it for days in advance, I have learned, it starts losing nutrients which in turn defeats the purpose of cold press juicing! :o) I hope I’ve answered your questions fully. Thanks again Merry. – Paula

  • I had no idea there was so much information about juicing, I honestly have never tried it, But now I think I am going to look more into it.
    I have Celiac disease, and just found out about a year ago, I have been trying to get help with my nutrient and I think this might be a great way!
    I will be following you to learn more! I need to increase my protein intake if you have any suggestions 🙂

    • Hi CoraAnn! Thanks so much for stopping in. So happy to know that you have discovered something new that can help with your dis-ease. Cold Press Juicing is definitely a great way to build your nutrients. There are MANY ways to increase your protein intake! Thumb through the garden, as lots of the articles show food remedies that can help. Depending what your diet/lifestyle is, many green veggies, nut butters, and more have plenty of protein for even the strictest diet of all – vegan! Excited that you’re considering looking into the juicing though! I think you’ll be glad you did! :o) – Paula

  • Nutripro seems like a pretty sweet juicer! The cold press version seems even sweeter! I believe my mom has one and it works wonders for our juices that she makes. Thank you for your awesome review!

    • Thank you Jillian for your comment! Yep, the Nutripro cold press juicer is wonderful! Its awesome that your mom has one and makes you juice!!! I’m sure you see it as a wonderful treat. I know I do :o)! Thanks again. – Paula

  • Awesome article! In my opinion the Nutripro Juicer by Bella is worth the price. The fact that it comes with a 5 year warranty & a safety mechanism is a huge plus. The other bonus is the fact that the pros outweigh the cons. It outperforms the Centrifugal in nutrient retention, speed, noise level-just to name a few out of several pros. Overall, I give the cold press Nutripro Juicer by Bella two thumbs up! Can’t wait to try out this juicer along with the delicious juice recipes. Thank you for sharing this great article!

    • Hi Daniel and thanks so much for the comment! Warranties are always a plus. Especially for items like appliances! The safety mechanism too is a great feature that keeps your fingers safe, lol. Lots of positive points with the Nutripro that everyone should be standing in line to get these juicers before they are gone for good! They’ve been on the market for some years now, so the price has gotten SUPER affordable! As I said in the article… I just love mine! I am so thankful for it!!! When you juice, you need to try the recipe with the beet. It’s amazing :o) Enjoy! – Paula

  • Very insightful blog, my husband recently bought the nutribullet as so much hype has gone into that product and it is great as its quick and easy to use, this however looks like a proper juicer in a very competitive price range. The cons are outweighed by the pros in particular I like that it retains the nutrients which is so vital as I am a mom and want to ensure that my kids get the nutrients .. wish we would have done proper research before getting a juicer.

    • Hi Helen and thanks so much for taking time to visit the garden and thumbing through our new review. YES! Nutripro is fantastic! The pros definitely outweigh the cons and the price is indeed a great one. Having kids around sure can make you see the world in a whole new light, lol. I too and that way with my kids, and mine are grown! My theory is that you have something… and that is better than buying at the store, as long as you’re using it! With that being said, Happy Juicing!! :o) – Paula

  • Never knew there were two types of juicers. I also didn’t know that they could break down the nutrients in the vegetables being juiced. Thank you for the info.

  • This seems to be a pretty amazing product, I once did a blog on a juicer also. It is good to see that this juicer can really get the job done and give you what you are looking for. juicer seems to be very durable and has stood the test of time. This is a juicer that I think everyone should try. Thanks for sharing, tons of great helpful information.

    • Indeed Norman! Nutripro is a fabulous juicer. I’m very happy to own one! Thanks so much for coming by and sharing your experience and perspective. It’s much appreciated :o) – Paula

  • I wanted a masticating juicer initially, but at the time that I bought my last one, they were very expensive and I just could not justify the expense. The Nutripro seems very reasonable in comparison to those “wheatgrass” juicers. I would love to be able to make nut milk as well. Thank you for your review!

    • Hi Irma! Thanks so much for posting your comment and sharing your thoughts on the Nutripro cold press juicer. It truly is a great juicer to own and I love that its super easy to keep clean. It’s always ready to toss produce in and have a nice, fresh glass of juice. I’ve not made nut milk in mine though. I didn’t realize I could do that until I researched more into it. Thanks again for stopping in. – Paula

  • Hey Paula, I am moving into my first apartment very soon. I never thought about getting a juicer until now. A nutripro seems like an amazing choice to pickup. I agree that regular juices can be a problem, and if the nutripro lasts, it truly is worth every penny.

    • Hi Nick! I’s so glad you stopped by and seen the new review! By the sounds of it, you were able to get some great information from it. Yes, it’s a wonderful juicer to own! The Nutripro cold press juicer has been a wonderful blessing for me. As I said many times in the article and comments, its a super easy machine to care for!! I love it. So glad you’re considering one now :o). – Paula

    • Hi Mrs S. Thank you for coming by the garden and leaving comment. You are welcome, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the review. Glad to hear you will be adding this to your home. Happy Juicing! – Paula

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